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From a Performance Gap to a Powerful Grid

The Origin of Revosheets


Our First Version

Finally, in August 2023, we releasing the first Beta of Revosheets, along with an updated version of the RevoGrid core. What began as an endeavor to fill a performance gap has evolved into a state-of-the-art grid application, propelling us to the forefront of the industry.

The journey of Revosheets, from a mere idea in a garage to a high-performance application, is a testament to our commitment to continuous innovation and growth.



Fuelled by this positive reception, we took our ambitions to the next level in January 2021.

Leveraging the powerful RevoGrid core, we set out to create an advanced grid that was not only swift but also had markdown capabilities. We extensively researched offline databases, browser performance, reactivity, design, and user experience.

The Origin of Revosheets

Our investigations convinced us that, with the advancements in Progressive Web Apps (PWA), we could now build a fully no-store app. We looked at the best tools available in the market, learning and drawing inspiration from each.


Pressing need for a high-performance grid in the digital market

In July 2019, we observed a pressing need for a high-performance grid in the digital market. This void motivated us to roll up our sleeves and start developing RevoGrid – a solution designed to fill this performance gap.

The first version of RevoGrid

Our efforts bore fruit when we launched the first version of RevoGrid in December 2019. The platform quickly received widespread acclaim for its advanced features and performance, affirming that the market was ready for a new generation of grid applications.