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Navigate Data Like Never Before

Revosheets empowers you to manipulate data with unparalleled speed and convenience, boosting productivity and streamlining your workflow like never before.

Rich Markdown Formatting

It enables you to format your data to match your specific needs.

Cosy Styling

With cozy styling, you can make your spreadsheets visually appealing.

Hierarchical Structure

Organize your data in a structured manner that allows for easy navigation and understanding.

Interlinking and Mentions

Link data across your spreadsheet and mention them in different contexts for easy referencing.

Sharing Individual Rows

Share specific rows with your team, keeping everyone on the same page.


Organize your spreadsheets in folders for better data management.

Overflowing with Templates and Workflows
Your Colleagues and Friends Will Adore

Task Management

A layout that allows users to track and manage tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities.

Project Timeline

A layout that helps track project progress over time.

Inventory Management

A layout to manage stock levels, suppliers, and product details.

Habit Tracker

A layout to set, track, and measure personal or professional goals.

Meeting Minutes

A layout to record and organize meeting agendas, attendees, and action items.

Recipe Catalog

A layout to organize recipes, ingredients, and cooking instructions.