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Your 👌 One-Stop
Spreadsheet Editor

A unique blend of spreadsheet functionality with advanced project management features. Designed for those who want the familiarity of spreadsheets but the capabilities of a more  🚴 intricate system.

Revosheets is powered by RevoGrid – a globally trusted,
robust virtual grid core that fuels your data with unmatched power and performance.

Why to give it a try?

Offline Functionality

It works offline and sync when users are back online.

Ensures accessibility and functionality even without internet connection.

Rich Content Cells

Every cell is a richly formatted using markdown, making it ideal for complex data, annotations, or tasks.

Gives you this kind of granularity and detail isn’t as easily achievable in other systems

Hierarchical Pages

Unlike the flat structure of most project management tools, Revosheets offers hierarchical sheets.

Provides you with in-depth organization:

Break down projects, tasks, or data into more granular sub-categories or sub-tasks, all within the same ecosystem.

Interlinking and Mentions

Conventional systems allow linking between cards or tickets, Revosheets takes this a step further by enabling mentions and previews of connections.

Builds the relationship between data points, tasks, or projects more visually intuitive and interconnected.

Visual Connections

The ability to see a graph of connections and find all mentions of a page is a powerful tool for understanding project scope, dependencies, and relationships.

Visual overviews which simplify complex projects and data sets.

Seamless Sharing

Share specific rows associated with a page or even an entire hierarchy.
Provides flexibility in deciding how much or how little to share, and with whom.


Take templates to the next level. Think of them as mini apps right within your sheets

Transform your data into an intuitive and efficient experience. Tailor your sheets to perfection and supercharge your productivity.

Transforming Excel

For businesses or users already deeply ingrained with spreadsheets

Elevates your existing Excel sheets into more dynamic and interconnected systems, bridging the gap between conventional spreadsheet software and advanced project management tools.