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Your One-Stop
Spreadsheet Editor

Effortless Spreadsheet Usage. Connect your data, unleash your insights.
Offline first and always at your fingertips.

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Revosheets is powered by RevoGrid – a globally trusted,
robust virtual grid core that fuels your data with unmatched power and performance.

Reinvent Your Data Managment
With Revosheets

The Power of
Hierarchical Pages

Group rows into distinct pages and maintain a high-level overview while preserving the capacity to dive into granular details as needed.

Navigating the Hierarchical Universe

Navigation through the layered pages is a seamless experience, thanks to intuitive features like breadcrumbs and a comprehensive context menu.

Smart links

Say goodbye to traditional layout constraints and hello to limitless possibilities.

Now every row is a self-contained, shareable document. With our unique ‘Incremental Access’ and ‘Smart Links’ features, you’re in control, able to create, share, and build entirely new data structures with unparalleled ease. 

Share your work

Whether you’re working with a global team, clients, or even stakeholders, you can now turn your sheets into interactive, multi-faceted displays of information.

Enable your audience to engage and interact with your data, bringing a new perspective and richness to your shared content.

Individual Row Share

Experience the true freedom of selective sharing with our Individual Row Share feature.

Provide incremental access to specific rows across multiple documents, putting you in full control of your data’s visibility. Collaborate effectively while ensuring your entire sheet’s privacy.

Application with no Store (PWA)

It works offline, loads fast, and – this is the best part – it doesn’t need to be downloaded from an app store.

Building Blocks for Creators and Managers

Harness the power of our adaptable building blocks to construct a diverse range of tools, whether it’s a simple diary, a comprehensive wiki, or an entire task management system.

Advanced Grid Layouts and Collaborative Workflows

Take your grid layouts to the next level by transforming each cell into a self-contained document.

Markdown in your Sheet

Use the familiar markdown syntax to format your text, add emojis for an extra touch of personality, embed data for in-depth analyses, and highlight key insights.

Even more, seamlessly mention other pages to create a web of interlinked data. It’s not just a spreadsheet, it’s a canvas for your data, creating a more engaging and visually appealing experience for you and your collaborators.

Don’t just manage! Create, connect, and collaborate.

Every page is a unique entity, representing different aspects of your project – be it team members, tasks, or budgetary components. Assign pages to columns, interlink various elements, and in a click, transform your sheets into a dynamic ecosystem of data.